new fantasy of the day:

today i thought to myself if we ever did hook up where would it happen? in your car, in your house, at my house? 

probably not at my house, heh heh.

so your house then. does it have one floor, or two? do you even live in a house or an apartment? where do you live? do you have pets? oh god my mind was racing. 

so then i just kept on thinking about hanging out with you in your two floor house, wearing just an oversized sweater and watching movies and maybe drinking and making out and definitely having sex.

having lots and lots and lots of sex.

i feel like i can never say these things out loud so i say them here when i can. 

why the fuck am i so obsessed with you?

so you have off work all weekend. it kind of sucks that even on the days i would usually get to see you, i have to be in the place where we both would normally be, but i know where you are and there’s no way it’ll be anywhere near here. 

happy st. patrick’s day. i’ll be thinking of you.